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Amazing medicine fresh and strong, thank you 🙏😇⚛

Bartek Galant
United Kingdom
25 March 2021

Good Spirit

I love the service of Armando, super-fast, honest and friendly.
Good Spirit in the products and in him 😉

Deborah Hoeks
6 November 2020

Excellent !

Excellent products and excellent service.

Furdie Bowen
United Kingdom
29 October 2020

I recommend this site at all levels

Merci Armando pour ces merveilleux rapés, et la sincérité de ta démarche. Vraiment je recommande ce site à tous les niveaux, autant pour la qualité, le sérieux, l’état d’esprit, le respect et la fluidité. Les commandes sont postées consciencieusement et rapidement donc le délai entre la commande et la réception est court ce qui est aussi très appéciable, et les prix très corrects. Depuis que je connais ce site je ne vais plus qu’ici.

Thank you Armando for these wonderful rapés, and the sincerity of your approach. Really I recommend this site at all levels, as much for the quality, the seriousness, the state of mind, the respect and the fluidity. Orders are sent conscientiously and quickly so the time between ordering and receiving is short which is also very appreciable, and the prices are very correct. Since I know this site I only go here.

5 August 2020

Best site for Rapé in the world for me

Brazilian Tobacco Snuffs is the best site for rapé in the world for me.
It’s a goldmine of variety and every rapé are good and unique, I’ve not really a favorite; the combinations of different rapés, the synergies between all the different herbs and ashes is what I love
(I don’t mix it together on one snuff. Many times I take like 3 times some different snuff in a little period of time to have different states of mind.

I can’t really recommend one type, they are all good in their own way.

The Trovão is the strongest and is one of my favorites but, I really recommend you to have more than one rapé to have different effects depending on what you search for in the present moment.

You can trust in Armando, is a really nice guy, everything is fresh, it’s fair-trade, descriptions are nicely completed you can learn a lot about rapé and other medicinal plants here.

Thanks for all, you helped me a lot.
You will be the rapé shop where I will order all my life.

Congratulation for all the work 🙂

17 July 2020

Real spirituality and pure intention to serve people in a selfless way

Armando, thank you from the bottom of my heart (without being pathetic) for all the work you do for us.
I am very happy that I found your website and I don’t go further.
You said that it took you five years to open your e-shop. Well, it was worth waiting for.

As people in this section already mentioned, fair price, quick delivery, and everything else is perfect.
But what I really appreciate and I am thankful for most is what I feel behind all this your effort and work.
And it is real spirituality and pure intention to serve people in a selfless way.
There is so much “sugar coat” spirituality nowadays so it is a blessing to meet such a pure soul.

I ordered three times so far and will continue.
Trovao Rapé is exactly what you said in description-extremely strong. And I am adding-stroking you at the same time.

And thank you for all your comments guys. I read them all and agree.

Sending Light, Peace and Strength to you Armando and to all beings.

Emilia Wolfova
UK, originally from Slovakia
23 June 2020

Thank you so much Armando !

Very attentive and honest seller.
Delivery to Germany took only five days.
Amazing products !! All rapé is very fresh and bright !!
The best products on the European market.
Now I will order only here !!!

25 March 2020

Very Competitive and Fair Prices

I am a new customer of this shop. I have to say I was extremely satisfied after my first order. Fast shipping, very competitive and fair price, and good quality rapé. They do have positive energy with them. To me, that’s a sign that the owner of this site does have love passion and awareness for this medicine. I have bought 4 types and I really liked all of them to the point that I am ordering again.

I think it is very useful to have the possibility to purchase amounts of 1 gram of different rape’. This way I have the possibility to test them before investing too much.
Another appreciated aspect is that you can read all the information about the various types of rape’ and the healing plants contained in them so you become more open and familiar with their healing properties.


F. B.
United Kingdom
1 November 2019

Nothing Short of Exceptional

My experience in dealing with Armando and Brazilian Tobacco Snuffs was nothing short of exceptional.

Armando assisted me by offering high-quality product recommendations based on the preferences I’d requested. But more importantly, he consistently maintained close personal contact with me in regards to the overseas shipping processes. I had a time-sensitive issue, where I needed the parcel delivered by a specific date.

His customer service was off the charts, and the quality of the Tobacco medicine is superb. Look no further. I know I won’t, and I’ll certainly be returning again to Armando and Brazilian Tobacco Snuffs.com to fulfill all my Tobacco medicine needs.

Thank you. Your new customer for life,


The United States
28 September 2019

The best product found

The rapé Brazilian Tobacco Snuffs sells is the best product found. Fast and punctual shipments. I am happy to be your customer. Thank you!


16 August 2019

5/5 Will shop here again !

It was a huge pleasure to buy from Armando. I was looking at many different web pages and finally chose to buy here and it was a good decision. When I had a question he answered almost immediately and the package arrived very fast. And the Rapé is very much to my liking.
5/5; will shop here again.

21 July 2019

Top Quality

Just a few words.
Impeccable delivery & top quality spirit medicine.

1 June 2019

The quality of the products

The quality of the products is truly outstanding. I ordered many times from his shop and it’s always the same. Suberb costumer service and fast shipping. I’m grateful for having a supplier like Armando. He treats the people who make it and his clients with the utmost respect.

28 April 2019

Armando = Brazilian Tobacco Snuffs

Armando and his Brazilian Tobacco Snuffs webshop works very professionally and fast.  With my order, he made sure that I got just the Tepi I was looking for. After placing my order Armando sent me several additional pictures that made me feel secure about my purchase. The Rapé that came with my order was strong and fresh.  I will be doing more business with him in the future.

Neal Henegar
5 April 2019

Professional vendor, ships fast!

A very professional vendor with fast shipping and great products.
I recommend the Yawanawa rapé. It’s amazing how it works in opening the third eye and cleans the upper chakras.
Thanks, Armando!

Pedro Cavaco
12 March 2019

Excellent reference source

Rapé is an integral part of my shamanic work. With Armando´s shop, I found an excellent reference source for rape: Great selection, good prices, and super service !!!  I´m very happy about this, many thanks to Armando and best wishes for your work.

Otto Weiler
3 February 2019

Informative, and quick to respond.

I have used rapé from 4 different suppliers, and Brazilian Tobacco Snuffs is the best company I’ve found! Not only are the rapés very reasonably priced but they are more finely “sieved.” I recently compared one of Armando’s rapés to one with the same name by another supplier, and I could tell a slight difference. His was simply smoother and easier on my nasal passages.

The shipping charge is very small compared with that of some other companies. The products arrived faster than expected. My last order took only 12 days from the time I ordered until it was in my mailbox in Texas. Also, I have contacted Armando with questions and he has always been very pleasant, informative, and quick to respond. He clearly knows his products very well and tries very hard to make sure your needs are met. Add to this the great variety of rapés and other products, and you will need to search no further!


Jack Byrd
The United States
29 January 2019

Positive criticism

Hi Armando, Just one detail: Some bottles lids where not screwed down tightly.  A little bit of the rapé came out the bottles. it’s not critical, but maybe you can improve this. Have a good day.

Nicolas Chataigner
4 January 2019


I chose BTS because of the direct and personal connection to the various (indigenous) producers of the Rapé.
The enthusiasm for Rapé, the knowledge acquired in the years prior to launching this webshop make this a solid webshop.
I know Armando for more 10 years and I have seen how he carefully established his relations with the Brazilian Rapé suppliers during the years.
Exceptional work Armando!  The ordering process and delivery were clean and fast and I will most certainly order again at BTS.
By the way, I love the Rapé of my latest order, Catinga de Mulata & Tsunu Saracura.

Marco Calf
15 December 2018