Tepi – Forest


“Straight” style Tepi made in Acre, Brazil.
Material: bamboo.
Lenght;  cm 33
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The maker of this art is a Brazilian of mixed blood who got married to the Yawanawa’s leader daughter. He lived in the tribe for several years and learned their language. He became part of the spiritual tribe of the Yawanawa.
This man is one of the people who was already making handcraft before he left for the forest. He took his skills there and he taught the Yawanawa and many of the Indians in various regions in the Amazon to make this style of tepi and kuripe.

His mother was the last one of her tribe. Even she knew the ancestral language of her tribe, she never wanted to speak it again. This because of all the trauma in the period of invasion and killing when the white man appeared.

Tepi and Kuripe

Traditionally Rapé is administered through a pipe made out of bamboo or bone. The Tepi is a blowpipe that you can use to administer another person. When receiving Rapé the other blows it through both nostrils. In general, the shape of the Tepi is straight, curved or V-shaped. A different form is self-administration. For this, you use a Kuripe. The Kuripe has a V- shape and connects the mouth to the nostril. In this case, you blow the Rapé to yourself.

Tepis Receiving blessings from their creators