Rapé – Parika Katukina


A wonderful addition from the Nukini tribe. A parika snuff with a bit of Eucalyptus.

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This Parika Katukina is a bit different from other Parika Rapé I know of. Besides the Parika ashes and nice tobacco the Katukina they added a bit of eucalyptus to it. The finely grounded leaves add a slight aroma to this snuff. Not to much to be called an aromatic snuff but just enough to give you the warm buzz of this fragrant eucalyptus.

Parika Rapé (Schizolobium amazonicum) is well-known for its power and antibacterial ingredients.
Parika ashes have a high vibration and help with the clearing of negative and stuck energies in the body and mind.

looking up a Schizolobium amazonicum tree. the bark is used for rapé/snuff. parika rapé

Schizolobium amazonicum

Tepi and Kuripe

Traditionally Rapé is administered through a pipe made out of bamboo or bone. The Tepi is a blowpipe that you can use to administer another person. When receiving Rapé the other blows it through both nostrils. In general, the shape of the Tepi is straight, curved or V-shaped. A different form is self-administration. For this, you use a Kuripe. The Kuripe has a V- shape and connects the mouth to the nostril. In this case, you blow the Rapé to yourself.

Tepis receiving blessings from their creators

I sieve this Parika Katukina and all other snuff coming from my shop through a 120-micron high-grade stainless steel mesh. This makes an extremely fine powder. It’s labor-intensive but guarantees a consistent fineness, cleanness and optimal absorption of the Snuff. I store the Rapé stock dry and in vacuum containers to prolong freshness and quality.