Huichol Bracelet


Width; 5,5 cm
Length; 19 cm (including the closings loops)
Circumference; 19 cm (including the closings loops)

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This bracelet is made in Guatemala. A cooperative of various indigenous tribes work together to keep alive their traditional patterns through their bead-art.

Open style bracelet.


As of 2018, the department had a population of 421,583.[1] The area is populated almost entirely by different Mayan ethnic groups, of which the two largest groups were Kaqchikel people and K’iche’.[2][3] Kaqchikel people Accounted for 50.1%[3] of the department’s population, and K’iche’ accounted for 35.3%[3] of the department’s population. Indigenous people account for 96.5% of the department’s population.[3]