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Bamboo – Green Yellow


The bamboo of  this V-shaped Tepi has a relatively wide diameter. If you are used to working with blowpipes with a larger diameter and can handle its blow power this is a good choice.

Outer diameter; 13 mm
Inner diameter;  8 mm

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This colorful bamboo Tepi is made in Brazil.  The different patterns with different colors of thread make it an eye-catcher. The connection between the 2 parts at the bottom is very solid. The Tepi from this artist has a copper reinforcement with a spiral design.

I like these Tepis very much for their quality and colorfulness. Owning several Tepis of this type I know they last a long time, so will the excellent threading. It’s an easy pipe to work with. It builds up a good pressure and delivers well. I am thankful to my friends who make these great blowpipes in Brazil.

Tepi and Kuripe

Traditionally Rapé is administered through a pipe made out of bamboo or bone. The Tepi is a blowpipe that you can use to administer another person. When receiving Rapé the other blows it through both nostrils. In general, the shape of the Tepi is straight, curved or V-shaped. A different form is self-administration. For this, you use a Kuripe. The Kuripe has a V- shape and connects the mouth to the nostril. In this case, you blow the Rapé to yourself.

Tepis Receiving blessings from their creators

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