About me


With Brazilian Tobacco Snuffs, I am offering a wide range of high-quality
Tobacco snuffs to a bigger audience for an acceptable price. All the snuffs/Rapé
in my shop contain tobacco, come from Brazil and are made in a ceremonial way.

First Contact.

About ten years ago I came in contact with traditional indigenous Brazilian
snuff called Rapé. This happened right here in the Netherlands. From there I started
to develop a closer relationship with this amazing and powerful shamanic tool.


During each visit to Brazil, I was surprised by the different varieties, colors, and aromas
in which Rapé presents its self. Also the variety in the effects/energy of Rapé I found intriguing.
In all my travels to Brazil, I always found more connection to Rapé in many ways.


During the years I have developed my own style of administering Rapé with a Tepi (2 person applicator).
I have and still apply Rapé to many people. I am absolutely no master of Rapé, I am just a
humble student.

The realization.

I have been supplying people with Rapé for several years. The idea of starting a
webshop has been in my mind for a long time but for different reasons it had
to wait 5 years before it finally manifested.  I am happy that my vision has become reality. I feel blessed that I can offer a tool, a medicine that can help you to learn about yourself, nature, your nature. Within the large variety of Rapé that I have to offer, I am sure that you will find a Rapé that suits your needs.


At Brazilian Tobacco Snuffs, I don’t give very detailed information about how a
specific snuff/Rapé works. I have discovered that every person connects/resonates
in his own way to a certain Rapé. My philosophy is that the best way to learn is by experience.
To make it easier and less costly to find a Rapé that suits you. In the rapé section of the shop,
you have the option to order 1 gram "samples" of each snuff available.


All the snuffs on this site have been tested by me. To guaranty, a consistent fineness,
and clean Rapé all varieties have been sieved through a 120-micron sieve by me.
120 micron, almost a tenth of a millimeter.

Wishing you a pleasant stay in my shop.

Haux Haux !  Armando